The Namesake

Naeem Khans resort 2011 collection is full of some "HOT MUST HAVES".  I can't get enough of the giraffe print and embellished tops.  There is no lack of shimmer and sparkle in metallic hues with bold prints that don’t shy away from bright colors.  
Love it!  




my dear friend "Areej" (pictured above)got to check out the action FIRST HAND as she lives in South Africa (for the moment), she was kind enough to let me share some of her shots with my readers.  


1 deadly sin

Shot: lady163.com

I stumbled upon this editorial and thought, wow-brilliant! ~oxymoron at it's best~


Alice in colorland

I stumbled upon theses photos and fell in love with them. 
The whimsical shoot with doll-faced Lydia Hearst is like a color punch.
Lydia's reminds me of my favorite childhood cartoon character
rainbow brite!!