Manish A La

It's no secret, I am hooked on Mr. Arora's work.  I came across these publications on his Facebook page, so had to share.  Picture # 2 & #5 are my picks and would love to add them to my closet.  Most of my friends know that I suffer from a mild case of red hair envy.  The model looks eternally beautiful with her red hair and Manish creations.  

It's hard to describe why his work appeals to me.  His choice of colors, shapes, and the AVANT-GARDEness of his pieces attracts me. Usually I shy away from bold expressions but lately, I am feeling more adventurous.  It pleases me to see Hollywood celebrities and personalities appreciating his work. So I'm quoting myself here, "What Andy Warhol is to print making//Manish Arora is to design. Even the Ever-so-Fabulous Anna Dello Russo approves!

Love the Jacket !!!! 
Such a Statement Piece


Red Hot Chili Pepper

So I scored these babies a month ago at a killer deal. I am waiting for the perfect occasion to bring them out.  Usually, I tend to shy away from bright reds but- I came, I saw & I conquered in adding them to my shoe collection.  The bow makes the shoe somewhat heavy otherwise they are comfortable.  I have started to get into photography but by no means am an expert {YET}. "They make all sad days HAPPY".  I have a few weddings to attend this year, I might just have to take these bad boys with me.    

Feel free to use my shots with due credit 



Detroit Electronic Music Festival 
Neli in her glory

Ink Art

Candy girl

 One of the above ground stages/my fav was the underground stage
 Down in the "D"

Dress: H&M, Braclets: Saks fifth Avenue and 4ever 21
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff, Polish: Grey 

The D.E.M.F:  Detroit Electronic Music Festival is the first electronic music festival held in the United States. Launched in 2000 by Carol Marvin and her team at Pop Culture Media, this historic special event brought the entire world together to dance in the heart of Detroit.  I went with a friend on Monday (last day). It was hot and sticky day but that did not stop the crowds from joining in.  This was my first time attending and I enjoyed the rawness of the music experience.  Excite your sense HERE 
Music Lovers maybe I'll see you in 2012!



Historic Drama

All bought locally in MI
  1. Perfume bottle with working pump. I haven't been brave enough to transfer perfume in it.   
  2. Clutches: All Vintage, Diane Von Furstenberg (grey suede/steal at local vintage shop)
  3. Ring: Vintage