every time i think of slum dog millionaire- i hear "ring ring ringa ...." in my head.  I was semi-obsessed with that tune, last year, and even got my Armenian friends singing it.  I like Frieda! She may not be the exotic Indian beauty i grew up watching in hindi films but her look works as an Indian Hollywood representations. To her credit, of all the lastest hindi movie stars seem on the red carpet, her styling and looks have won rave reveiws from most fashion critics.  BRAVO!

next move
  • appearance in Woody Allen’s latest London-based ensemble film, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger,” Pinto’s character, Dia, a gorgeously exotic musicologist — is there any other kind? — leaves her fiancĂ© for another man
  • December release of Julian Schnabel’s film “Miral,” based on Rula Jebreal’s novel, which follows an orphan (played by Pinto) as she falls in love with a Palestinian activist during the first intifada.
  • 2011-Rise of the Apes with "James Franco"(lucky girl) 



Summer is the season for weddings and love - so i thought, i should share with you some "engagement pics" of - my beautiful sister/cousin Yamima & Omar - THE charming prince!! ENJOY!!!!!

These were shot downtown Pasadena, California. 
Mima & brother Omar celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss this July. Love & wishing them many more to come! God Bless you both xoxo

 wedding pics- coming soon =)



From Paper Planes, to my favorite "Jimmy" to XXXO
M.I.A, never seizes to amaze me.
This video makes many references to an 80's style hindi movie songs. There is golden Arabic calligraphy, spelling out her name and the phrase "click here to download", written in a similar font, scrolls diagonally across the screen. Prepare yourself for to be transported to Bollywood via a penny arcade. Some will love it, some will hate it. See for yourself-

Ravi Thiagaraja, a Sri Lakan wedding photographer shot the album cover.
M.I.A wanted to look like an "Iranian princess".


The Wedding of My lifetime

On 8/5/1978, a boy of 23 and a girl of 22 got married.  
Their marriage was half arranged half love. 
It was destiny, 
they had to meet. 
It was planned, 
i was meant to be!!
Happy Wedding Anniversary to mama and baba!

FYI: Traditionally, in those times, the bride was expected to remain shy and somber instead of showing her excitement. Random Fact: To this day my mother is horrified by her bouquet. She does not like it.  


The Riverside experince

in a small town named Windsor, was a high school called Riverside,
there i leaned to blend, stroke, mix, contrast, create, & imagine
there i learned ART.
Medium: Acrylics
Dated: June 1999