The Trousseau

Verve-one of best Indian Fashion magazines did this editorial with Ameesha, with her Louis Vuitton trousseau {check} waiting for the knight in shinning armor prancing around some random mansion in England!  As a sucker for the romantics, I have always loved this photo-shoot and have been dying to share it with you guys.  It is from a few years back tho, hope you guys like it xox


The Inn at 97 Winder

The home in the early 20th century

The Inn in 2011-on sale for $2.5 million - - any buyers??
my favorite picture-always loved spiral staircase
I want these stairs in my home one day !!  

I have a passion for vintage anything including historical mansions with secret doors, botanical gardens, tea rooms,  the majestic foyer and family secrets. I love taking tours at old mansions and learning the stories of the individuals that made them their homes.  So naturally when I came across this story--i had to share with you guys.  If i had the money, I would buy this ASAP and run it as a bed & breakfast!  

The Inn is a classic example of 19th century Victorian architecture. Inside, the 8-marble fireplaces and 3-story staircase reinforce its status as one of the largest remaining Victorian home of the 1870s in Detroit. John Harvey, a religious philanthropist, built this  as a Mission School for poor and Civil War orphaned children where he worked as the superintendent for 38 years. Under Harvey's supervision, the school grew and gained statewide recognition for its role in educating the city's orphans. 11,000 sq.feet, 10 bedrooms, 11½ bathrooms, 135 years of history.  Ghassan's ran the Inn at 97 Winder as a luxurious bed and breakfast before putting it on the market. Learn more HERE


The Real SliM SHaDy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Manish Arora

The Manish Arora for MAC collection features an eyeshadow compact, 2 lipsticks, 2 lipglasses, and 2 blushes
This Swatch-Europe watch collection by Manish Arora is very colourful and eccentric highlighting the cultural designs of Indian dress and fashion. There a 6 great designs to choose from each with their own unique style
Arora has also been designing sneakers for his famous Fish Fry collection with Reebok
Nicholas Kirkwood (shoe Guru)d collaborated with Arora who together created one of a kind shoes. According to lowefactor.com, these shoes adorned with Swarovski crystals are from the Spring 2011 collection

Fish fry footware
Indian fashion designer Manish Arora says he finds inspiration in pop art graphics, Bollywood movies and even storefront signage

Kerry Washington in Manish Arora AW'10 

Manish Arora fashion show at Nespresso
Champs Elysees
 Manish cover girls-from bollywood bueaties to Katy Perry, GaGa, Fergie, Nikki manaj & M.I.A, Manish has found a following

Check him out HERE

Arora is one of my favorite designers- each collection is exploding with creativity.  All i have to say is make room Bestsy Johnson and Vivienne Westwood.  He is the master of raw Over-the-top expressions. Manish is the the unapologetic genius frying the East and swimming through the West with his contemporary and couture lines.   


Surya Nameste

When i saw this photo shoot on LoveMore it reminded me of the Sun Salutation--a common sequence of Hatha Yoga Asans.  I was so fascinated how each photo embodies the union of man with nature,  the arms transcending into the heavens inviting it all in..


Picture Perfect

chloe sevigny--adore her
Riley Keough

Jane from Sea of Shoes

Just a random compilation of picture i fancy and have been collecting for a while.  I have been waiting for the right post to share them but i couldn't wait any longer---i love the make-up and outfits--these all were part of my picture board-Enjoy!