Shoe Roll

I am ready; summer contemplates on bidding us adieu as fall prepares a harvest. I am ready.  Fall/Autumn is the best month to dress for.  Blazers, trenches, cardies and booties, I love 'em all.  Layering is fun and something I feel I do really well.  Above is my summer shoe roll.  I rotated between these babies for some warm summy fun.  Some of them were seen HERE
Top row: Fyre, YSL, Modern Vintage, Juicy Couture
Bottom row: Boutique 9, Max Studio, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Nanette Lapore


Atomic Statement

Marion Vidal:  Paris based architect turned jewelry designer.  I frequent Anthropolgie on a religious basis and on one of my online shopping adventures I found Ms. Vidal.  You can check her out HERE.  Her inspiration are groups of planets or atoms.  She uses bubble gum hued ceramic and organic materials. Her line is reminiscent of childhood favorite gum balls meshed together to make yummy hard-to-resist statement pieces.  What do you think?


Behind Closed Doors

Hi dolls!!! Forgive me for going AWOL on you guys.  As it was my birthday month (JULY), I had been busy!!!! =)  Now that it's over, back to the yumminess of blogging.  The best relaxation technique, for me, is organizing my closet.  I can spend every day arranging and re-arranging my handbags and shoes.  Above posted pictures are of Nicky Hilton's closet (source unknown). Her Balenciaga collection is the best part of her closet.  During my birthday month, I tend to shop a little too much, the best time for a closet make over.  Time for some new blood.  I usually take my gently used items to local consignment shops (Regeneration and Plato's closet) and whatever is left over is donated to Salvation Army.

In the next few weeks I will be posting pictures of a few designer handbags looking for new lovers.  Stay Tuned.