Elephant Parade

From now until July, over 250 brightly painted elephants are decorating the streets of London to help raise money and awareness for endangered Asian elephants. If you are not in London, (sad face-like myself)or in London and unable to find them all you can view them all online here. Live online bidding started on 15th May. I have posted some of my favs below!

1. The Emerald Queen was created by Sabine Roemer
2. Mumbai was careated by Lalit Modi
3. Radja was created by Wilairat Tano
4. Hathi was created by Manish Arora
5. Fatima was created by Natasha Mann
6. Heaven's Haathi was created by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla
7. Tinkel was created by Louise Dear
8. Love was created by Ellie Andrew Logan


  1. Awwww what cute elephants!

  2. Love the elephant works ...Indian culture considers elephant sign of good luck ...

    But nice to see them in bright patterns