The Wedding of My lifetime

On 8/5/1978, a boy of 23 and a girl of 22 got married.  
Their marriage was half arranged half love. 
It was destiny, 
they had to meet. 
It was planned, 
i was meant to be!!
Happy Wedding Anniversary to mama and baba!

FYI: Traditionally, in those times, the bride was expected to remain shy and somber instead of showing her excitement. Random Fact: To this day my mother is horrified by her bouquet. She does not like it.  


  1. WOW !! love the 70's touch ...you know the pattern / design of the tents( see the cake pic background ) that are put up are so familiar to me ...I have seen the same style even in late 80's in India as well ...i guess the marriage arrangement was down well ...i can tell ...

  2. I love the pic which is 4th from top ...Aunty is looking so cute !!!

    Hey also notice the length of ladies kameez / suits in the second pic ... the fashion i guess is back now a days as well.. interesting !