The Inn at 97 Winder

The home in the early 20th century

The Inn in 2011-on sale for $2.5 million - - any buyers??
my favorite picture-always loved spiral staircase
I want these stairs in my home one day !!  

I have a passion for vintage anything including historical mansions with secret doors, botanical gardens, tea rooms,  the majestic foyer and family secrets. I love taking tours at old mansions and learning the stories of the individuals that made them their homes.  So naturally when I came across this story--i had to share with you guys.  If i had the money, I would buy this ASAP and run it as a bed & breakfast!  

The Inn is a classic example of 19th century Victorian architecture. Inside, the 8-marble fireplaces and 3-story staircase reinforce its status as one of the largest remaining Victorian home of the 1870s in Detroit. John Harvey, a religious philanthropist, built this  as a Mission School for poor and Civil War orphaned children where he worked as the superintendent for 38 years. Under Harvey's supervision, the school grew and gained statewide recognition for its role in educating the city's orphans. 11,000 sq.feet, 10 bedrooms, 11½ bathrooms, 135 years of history.  Ghassan's ran the Inn at 97 Winder as a luxurious bed and breakfast before putting it on the market. Learn more HERE