Behind Closed Doors

Hi dolls!!! Forgive me for going AWOL on you guys.  As it was my birthday month (JULY), I had been busy!!!! =)  Now that it's over, back to the yumminess of blogging.  The best relaxation technique, for me, is organizing my closet.  I can spend every day arranging and re-arranging my handbags and shoes.  Above posted pictures are of Nicky Hilton's closet (source unknown). Her Balenciaga collection is the best part of her closet.  During my birthday month, I tend to shop a little too much, the best time for a closet make over.  Time for some new blood.  I usually take my gently used items to local consignment shops (Regeneration and Plato's closet) and whatever is left over is donated to Salvation Army.

In the next few weeks I will be posting pictures of a few designer handbags looking for new lovers.  Stay Tuned.

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