Seoul Callin' Part Deux

K-Dramas have taken over my life since last year, mainly due to the impeccable style of all the male and female leads.  I remember when I used to attend High School in Canada all of the Korean and Chinese students had the most stylish coats, jackets, and book bags.  K-Dramas are more enjoyable than most American and even Indian shows.  Yoon Eun-Hye happens to be my favorite Korean actress.  Here are some of her pictures.  Enjoy.  If you are interested in watching some light-hearten romantic comedies with great style I recommend: 1. Boys over Flowers, 2. Save the lady, 3. My Princess, 4. Personal Taste, 5. Save the Boss, 6. Flower Boy Ramyun shop, 7. You're Beautiful  8. City Hunter.  
Check out Seoul Callin' Part One HERE

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