The Emperor 1688

Spring/Summer 2011

The Emperor 1688- was founded by the Golkar Brothers (Babak & twins Farhan and Haman) in 2007. Of British/Iranian decent the boys believe in day wear to beachwear and from the office to evening garb, the shirt remains reliable, and this is what they have tapped into. Their stance: "We're shirt kind of guys, the shirt is classic and timeless." My favorite is no.6!!! I ventured upon their site by mistake a few months back and have been keeping a close watch on the "Brothers".  Their style and collection immediately reminded me of old Hollywood glamor embodied by the likes of Mr. Gable and Rock Hudson.  Yet it resonates with the Scott Disick and Chuck Bass of our generation.  Check them out HERE
The Golkar Brothers - - - All Photo credit: The emperor 1688


  1. love the collection, although im not sure how many guys can successfully pull of the bow tie!

  2. i wanna date a guy that would wear this! thumbs up for the boys!!!