T for Tibi


In 1997, Amy moved to Hong Kong with her husband. It was there that she decided to pursue her dream of starting her own fashion label. “I’m crazy for prints and color in unexpected combinations. Amy’s passion for chic and easy fashions became the foundation on which Tibi was launched. Early on, Amy partnered with another American living abroad, Octavia Hyland (her grandmother’s name was Tibi).  Inspiration: A woman should dress in contradictions – youthful and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, bold and muted colors.  Above is the latest shoot with Olivia Palermo.  Read more HERE


  1. very cool. I love the yellow dress

  2. so glad you featured Tibi,a brand more accessible to us,"the middle class fashionistas",but so beautiful and sophisticated. Great fashion doesn't always have to cost "an arm and a leg' lol.