khanology is Carbon Neutral

My mantra: Preserving the environment/conservation of resources
Friends, family and even coworkers, all know that I am a huge "go green" buff. My earliest memory of my Greener Walk of Life is a PSA, when I was around 7 yrs old, about turning the lights off when leaving a room.  Growing up in Canada, I learned more about the "recycle, reuse, reduce=close the loop" initiative.   

These habits have stuck to me like glue:  

  1. Recycle everything: paper/plastic/electronics
  2. Always copy double or two sided
  3. Do not throw batteries in the garbage (Contact your city office)
  4. Do not throw plastic water bottles in the garbage-they sit in a landfill for years
  5. Drive a Hybrid (my Prius makes my heart Swoon!) 
  6. Buy recycled paper gift wrap & note cards
  7. Use fabric/Jute bags to carry groceries 
So, it was natural that my blog be as green friendly as possible.  

"Make it Green" is a German movement.  They will plant a tree for every blogger who blogs about their mission. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  The Khanology tree will neutralize the Khanology blog's carbon footprint for the next 50 years.  Read more about them HERE.  I am doing my part-hope you will yours as well.



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