Manish A La

It's no secret, I am hooked on Mr. Arora's work.  I came across these publications on his Facebook page, so had to share.  Picture # 2 & #5 are my picks and would love to add them to my closet.  Most of my friends know that I suffer from a mild case of red hair envy.  The model looks eternally beautiful with her red hair and Manish creations.  

It's hard to describe why his work appeals to me.  His choice of colors, shapes, and the AVANT-GARDEness of his pieces attracts me. Usually I shy away from bold expressions but lately, I am feeling more adventurous.  It pleases me to see Hollywood celebrities and personalities appreciating his work. So I'm quoting myself here, "What Andy Warhol is to print making//Manish Arora is to design. Even the Ever-so-Fabulous Anna Dello Russo approves!

Love the Jacket !!!! 
Such a Statement Piece


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