Hola Español

My work trip to New Mexico in 2009 was filled with great company, 
free stay at the Hilton where President Obama and the First lady also came to stay 
two days.  As fancy as that sounds, the secret service had the hotel in such tight security 
that it was a pain to come inside the hotel, to go outside the hotel and to even go to our room.  

click on the pictures to enlarge
Blue Hand carved wooden chair
Beautiful metal crosses
a shop in Old Town
Everyone say "Hail Mary"
Street vendors selling overpriced hand made jewelry- be ready to bargain with them. I was able to get two 
pairs of earing with semi-precious stones and turquoise for my mother and sister
Musician at one of the restaurants in Old Town we ate , he let me play his $12,000 Guitar =)
Beautiful Albuquerque
Hand made sculptures / beautiful fireplace
I love the look of stucco homes, fireplaces & ovens
Sweet local shops but with overpriced merchandise. I loved the flat roofs on all the buildings, reminded of my grandparents home. I would love to move there, I think.
Fried Ice-cream, had it for the first time and loved it!!! 
Me sipping some coffee right before heading for my conference, 
my "Lockheart" handbag (TO DIE), cool rings my friend Diana and I bought-the one i 
got was actually a present for my bff. You must visit if you get a chance!  


  1. beautiful pictures!The lockheart bad is really nice

  2. Very artistic indeed ...loved the designs on those crosses...