Villa Italiana circa 1964


For me, this editorial channels your inner bombshell.  Work hard=live hard.  Heavy black liquid eyeliner, Bump-Its, designer gowns,  rich brocades, soft silks and king size murals set the mood for this festive spread. Sophia Loren with her film producer husband Carlo Ponti began renovating this villa in 1960 and were photographed in it for Life magazine four years later. Loren called the villa her first “real home” and said, ”A house is like a person, you must be together for awhile to be comfortable.” The interior of the villa is very classically Italian, as you will notice, and Loren wears some classic 60s outfits while showing off her pad. This home truly coins "lifestyles of the rich & famous".   I love the gardens and the pool.  Source:RDuJour.


  1. always loved her and the house is a reflection of herself:forever beautiful.